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Lazarus Ford Proud Sponsor of Rhino Pride Foundation
Lazarus Webmaster      Source: Rhino Pride Foundation
Time for a little nap after grazing

Our Vision at Rhino Pride Foundation
To save the world’s rhinos from extinction by creating sustainable protected areas that will enable future generations to experience these amazing creatures.

Rhino feeding time

What We Do.
Established in South Africa in 2015, the Rhino Pride Foundation was founded by specialist wildlife veterinarian Dr Jana Pretorius, who saw an urgent need to tackle the devastating rhino poaching crisis head-on.

Realising that most anti-poaching solutions focused only on the aftermath of poaching, Dr Pretorius established the Foundation to establish immediate, practical, ground-level preventative measures that would protect rhinos from poachers effectively and reliably.

The Rhino Pride Foundation works to create layered security sanctuaries with ultra-secure perimeters. Utilising technology to track and stop poachers, the sanctuaries feature high-tech early warning systems with buffer zones. These enable reaction teams to locate and apprehend poachers before they can gain access to the reserves.

As well as saving wildlife, this tech-based approach minimises the human cost of anti-poaching efforts in a war where too many lives are lost.

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Finding a shadow spot

Rhinos at the watering hole

Proud Partner Of The KASI Ride
Latest Generation Ford GT in South Africa
Sponsored by Lazarus Ford
Jaguar Land Rover Centurion Ambassador